Content delivery for our prefab houses

Your prefab house will be delivered in turnkey solution. We provide everything else except site, infrastructure, groundwork and decorative parts. We will we responsible for the site safety. See what is included in your prefab house.

Talon poikkileikkaus - Nordic Smart Homes

Main structure

Exterior walls. The heat transfer coefficient or U-value is 0,16 W/m2K

Seinän poikkipinta - Nordic Smart Homes

  • Siding Board
  • Cleats 32 mm x 50 mm k = 600 mm/air gap 32 mm
  • OSB-sheathing or Gyproc GTS 9 mm
  • Framing 195 x 45 k = 600 mm/ insulation, mineral wool 200mm
  • OSB board 9 mm
  • Air gap
  • cleats 45 x 45 k=600 / insulation, mineral wool 45mm (Isover or eco wool Steico)
  • Interior material

Laminated veneer lumber base floor. The heat transfer coefficient or U-value is 0,15 W/m2K.

Lattian poikkipinta - Nordic Smart Homes

  • OSB-sheathing 12 mm
  • LVL-rafters (Laminated veneer lumber) 51 x 300 mm k = 600 mm
  • Polystyrene platinum 250 mm
  • Air gap 50 mm
  • Sub-flooring, OSB 22 mm
  • Floor material

Roof. The heat transfer coefficient or U-value is 0,15 W/m2K.

Katon poikkipinta - Nordic Smart Homes

  • roofing Ruukki Classic RR23
  • cleats 25 x 100 k = 300 mm
  • cleats 18 x 50 mm
  • underlay
  • beams 45×95 mm k = 600 mm/air gap 95 mm
  • OSB-sheathing 9 mm
  • Rafters 50 x 300 mm k = 600 mm/insulation, mineral wool
  • OSB board 9 mm
  • Air gap
  • cleats 48 x 48 k = 600 mm
  • interior material

See all our modular houses

Site work, HVAC infrastructure and site electrical panel
Filling, frost insulation, rain water pipes
Foundation plan, soils report
Foundation – screw piles or tai concrete/block foundation 
Architectural, structural and HVAC plansX
Landscaping, waste disposal, cleaning
Building Permit
Site Electricity and Water
Site supervision and Head Designer
Fireplaces and ChimneysFire place is optional
Built-in FurnitureStandard Kitchen
Gutters and SpoutsX
Porches and patios
LVL-base floor (laminated veneer lumber), Polystyrene insulation.X
Exterior walls. Isover-insulation 245 mm,X
Roof, insulation 300 mmX
Curtain walls laminated veneer lumber studsX
Bathroom water insulation and tiling with all the necessary materials. Bathrooms with electrically heated floor.X
Two mullion, 3-pane, wood-aluminium window.X
Front door with glass windowX
Laminate flooringX
Curtain wall panelingX
Molding and trimming work
VRoofing with Ruukki ClassicX
Electrical works, electrical panel, outlets, switches and recessed lightingX
Oil-filled electric radiatorsX
Water, sewer, equipmentX
Mechanical exhaust ventilation and HVACX
Smoke detectorX
Hydronic floor heating and water heateroptional