Quality and expertise from experienced builders

We at Nordic Smart Homes are experienced building professionals with over 15 years of experience. We have guaranteed experience of building houses and we have manufactured hundreds of prefab houses. Our expertise can be trusted, and we are reliable and responsible partner.

We have been concentrating mostly for small buildings, like houses, cottages and terraced houses. We have grown together with newest trends in building industry. According to recent studies, people want better quality of housing. Our ecological building materials and fresh indoor air are important to us.

We are operating in Nordic countries. Scandinavian design and building culture are well-known around the globe and we would like to maintain this reputation. See all our modular houses.

Modular houses have several benefits, one being the high quality due to manufacturing the house in a factory.
Building the house is fast without interruptions and weather conditions won’t affect to the building schedule. Buying the prefab house is easy and you can move in immediately.

Read more about the benefits of prefab houses.

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