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Muuttovalmiit talot moduuleista. Muunneltavissa helposti ja asennus onnistuu jopa päivässä.

Nordic Smart Homes – Prefab houses

The easiest way to get a house is to buy a prefab modular house. Nordic Smart Homes prefab houses are manufactured in a factory. After that they are delivered straight to your site. House will be assembled in only 1-2 days and you are ready to move in to your new home.

Benefits of buying prefab house

One of the greatest benefits of prefab houses is the high quality. When fabricated in a factory, weather conditions don’t affect to the building project. Process is fully monitored. Pre-fabricating is fast and takes only 10-12 weeks.

Buying the house is easy and houses are modifiable due to the modules. Wooden prefab house is also environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Houses are thermally insulated as required and convenient for living all year round.

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House is fabricated in a factory and the building process is continuously monitored.

Pre-manufacturing is fast and takes only 10-12 weeks

Assembling the house takes 1-2 days


    Prefab house is fabricated inside the factory therefore high quality can be guaranteed. Weather conditions will not slow down the production.

  • FAST

    Tasks needed in your site are minimal and assembling the house is fast. There is no harm for the environment or for neighbors. Assembling the house takes only 1-2 days.


    Modules are fabricated in a factory and delivered to the building site. Modular house can be delivered anywhere or it can be sold and transported to different place. House can also be dismantled. Prefab house covers your various needs. More space can be added with additional modules. The size of the house can be naturally scaled down.